Arctic White

Pattern Number 4000

Contemporary design in white with a subtle circular embossed rim on a fine white porcelain body. Arctic White is a stylish pattern that is versatile enough to be used as a casual breakfast setting or can just as easily be 'dressed up' for formal dining. Arctic White represents fantastic value-for-money for tableware of this quality. No wonder it has been Noritake's No.1 selling casual pattern for over a decade!
White Fine China
Dishwasher Safe
Microwave Safe

Also available as:
30pc. Dinner Set for 6 person 4000_D30
17pc. Tea Set for 6 person 4000_T17
20pc. set with Gift Box 4000_C20
47pc. Dinner set for 8 person 4000_D47

Cup (stackable) *

Saucer (matching saucer for *)

Tall Square Cup


Mug Cup (Large) Latte Mug

Large Tea Cup *

Fruit Saucer

Cereal Bowl

Salad Plate

Side (B/B) Plate

Meat Plate

Dinner Plate

Soup Plate

Rim Soup Plate

Hot Water/Milk Jug

Tea/Coffee Pot

Suger Bowl w/cover


Square Creamer

Square Sugar Bowl w/cover

Square Tea Pot

Round Platter/Serving Plate

Oval Platter

Oval Platter

Oval Platter

Pasta Plate

Deep Bowl (large)

Square Bowl

Square Plate (large)

Square Plate (small)

Round Vegetable

Pasta Serving Bowl

Triangle Plate

Deep Bowl (small)

Square Soup

Square Plate (30cm)

Salt & Pepper (pair)

Rectangular Plate (Sushi Plate)

Small Sugar Bowl w/cover

Small Creamer

Casserole w/cover

Au Gratin

Ramekin (large)

Ramekin (small)

Egg Stand/Egg Cup

Butter Pad

Sauce Dish

Packet Sugar Holder

Ash Tray

Bud Vase

Square AD Cup

Saucer for Square AD Cup

Tea Pot (SM)

Small Tea Pot

Tea/Coffee Cup *

AD Cup (stackable) **

AD Saucer (matching Saucer for **)

AD Cup **

Coffee Mug

Soup w/Lugs (stackable) *

Soup large (stackable) Plain type

Soup stackable w/out Handle *

Cream Soup Cup w/out Handle *

Cream Soup Cup with Handle *

Gravy Boat (small) Body only

Gravy Boat (large) with Tray

Gravy Boat (large) Body only

Gravy Saucer/Butter/Relish Tray

Pasta Plate with Relief

Oval Platter

Wave Plate (large)

Wave Plate (medium)

Wave Plate (small)

B/B Plate

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