Product Code M074_07L

Fine Porcelain
Rimmed Soup Plate / Pasta Plate
D 226mm C 805cc

Tea Cup

Tea Saucer

Side B/B Plate

Salad Plate

Cereal Bowl

Dinner Plate

Soup Plate

Fruit Saucer

Oval Platter Medium

Gravy Boat and Tray

Covered Vegetable/Casserole

Mug (Beaker)

Salt and Pepper

Sugar Bowl


Tea Pot

Coffee Server

Mocca (AD) Coffee Cup

Mocca (AD) Coffee Saucer

Gravy/Relish Tray

Round Serving/Salad Bowl

Rimmed Soup Plate

Soup Tureen

Accent Plate

Cream Soup w/Handles

Cream Soup Saucer

Oval Platter small

Oval Platter large

Oval Serving Bowl

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